poetry by lisa mintz

Narrow to wide

The light of positivity
shines deep within your soul
Release all that is not you
Polish your corners,
refine your lens.
For beauty circles all around you,
open the door and let her in
Your eyes reveal the light inside
Beauty, beauty, let her shine
Open wide the door of change,
it’s time to expand from
narrow to wide.
There is no secret formula,
just open the door and step outside…
Narrow to wide
The light that you hide
It’s time to grow
Narrow to wide.

Mirror of my soul

Flow through me
Not of me, but from a place of
Beauty and wisdom and all that there is
Knows no limits in glorious splendor
Savor the bounty of words flowing freely
Live your life as such.
What treasures, what gifts, the heart doth deliver,
The more I let go , the more freely it flows
From a place deep within
The mirror of my soul,
Beauty and splendor unfold.


Shades of purple, violet mist
Blues and greens and pinks so vivid
A palette of colors that
paint the soul’s picture
A blossoming journey of
Artistic endeavor.
Choose your colors,
Paint your blessings,
Let the brush kiss sweetly the canvas
Your life is your palette,
Your eyes are your lens.
Reveal the soul’s secrets
So vividly daring.
Take chances, live boldly
Not muted or muffled
Choose yellows and blues
for your deepest expressions.
Your life is your art,
Let the floodgates stay open,
Color your pages
with compassion and love.


Let your passion
pour out of your heart,
Open to the possibilities,
Invite in the magic.
For all that creates wonder and awe
In your mind’s eye.
Is the pulse of inspiration from
The boundless flow
Of a love so deep
And a heart so open
The only way to let it out is to
It’s the wellspring of your soul,
Your very essence
of Eternal possibility,
The life-giving force of the mind’s
Sweet nectar.
Be silent,
be still.
Express the blessing of creation,
Fill the essence of your Soul.

Rules to Live By

Love deeply
Live passionately
Choose wisely
Dance often
Weave the tapestry of your desires
And paint the canvas of your heart
Dip your feet in the waters of change
Drown your sorrows in a pool of laughter
Hug your children
Follow your dreams
Your cup runneth over
Your abundance apparent
Savor the moment and
Count your blessings
remember that all of it
emerges from gratitude

Just Be

Embrace the beauty all around you, and within you.
Don’t you see that everything about you is as it should be?
You are your own toughest critic,
Perfectly imperfect.
Allow yourself to sing and dance,
And embrace all that you can be.
Shine, inspire.
Don’t hold yourself back any longer.
Forgive yourself, and lighten up.
Don’t take it all so seriously,
Laugh & shine & love & live…
live all your moments without overthinking.
Live from your heart, release the mind.
The heart is where your life begins.
Just BE.

Poetry Collection by Lisa Mintz

Gifts From The Heart, by Lisa Mintz
A book of poems and messages written on my journey of finding my voice and learning to love and believe in myself.

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