Tiferet: Beautiful images from the land of Israel

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The Tiferet exhibit has been displayed in several synagogues, JCC’s and libraries. This exhibit focuses on the beauty of the land of Israel, including its flora, fauna, magnificent and unique natural sites, warm and wonderful people from all backgrounds, and beautiful art and architecture. The Hebrew term tiferet is difficult to describe in words because it is the feeling and energy of experiencing something beautiful, magnificent and breathtaking, like watching a sunrise or sunset, or hearing beautiful music. After viewing this exhibit, many people have commented that they feel as uplifted as if they had actually taken a trip to Israel.

To get a better sense of the beauty and meaning of the exhibit, please also visit the Tiferet Blog page.

This exhibit is available to be displayed at your venue. To inquire, email lisa@cshdesigns.com.

Email: lisa@cshdesigns.com

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